Android Custom Kernels

Why do I make one?

Not that I hate the kernels shipped for the device but I like to tune & rice them myself.

What do I mean by rice?

By rice I mean

Is it safe to use?

Yes, very much.

Which device{s} have received my custom kernel?

I don't own a lot of devices, only 2 out of which only one can be used for development. Name of my device is Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 India or Redmi 5 Plus Global (these both are same devices, blame Xiaomi for horrible naming system)

What changes have I made compared to kernel shipped by default in a ROM?

Well that totally depends what kernel is shipped with the ROM because in Redmi 5 Plus community most ROMs ship with my custom kernel. Only a few ROMs ship with different kernel which has nasty, old & broken stuff which I don't really like for e.g. a wakelock blocker, an out-of-tree governor made for Pixel, broken Dynamic STune Boost driver (which was fixed recently but I still don't like it) & etc.

Can I make Custom Kernel for your device?

The answer for this question would be "It totally depends" based on the condition of the community or if you really need a custom kernel & how strong the internal testing group of the device is and various other factors. But I will make custom kernel for the device I own regardless of all these conditions & since this is a hobby don't ask for E.T.A of kernel release because I'm a user too.

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