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A new experience awaits you.

RevengeOS ROM comes with minimal customizations, user friendly optimizations aimed towards performance and stability based on a detailed usage of a person. Give a new life to your phone faster and better-looking than ever. This ROM is completely OpenSource and uses Google's AOSP code base. You can help development of this ROM by reporting me all the bugs so I can fix them up and make this ROM what it deserves to be, the greatest of all made for this device. RevengeOS is also looking for upcoming developers that are willing to contribute for the betterment of user experience.

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ROM Source Code: Here
Device Tree: Here
Vendor Tree: Here
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Big Thanks to :

RevengeOS Core team members for their work into bringing the best of user experience.
Saalim Quadri, KenHV, Sebastiano Barezzi, Lau, Rama (for porting 4.9 to vince)