StormBreaker Kernel for Redmi 5 Plus

codename vince
Co-maintainer: Saalim

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About us

We here at Team StormBreaker, aim for a kernel with fine tuned balance between performance, battery & usage stability while reaching Android's requirements & being up-to-date with LTS release. It has an easy installation process thanks to AnyKernel3 (by osm0sis which lets us support Custom ROMs.

Since this kernel is 4.9 it's based on Energy Aware Scheduling (EAS) known to use the most efficienct CPU for required task whilst aiming to improve energy efficient system operation, in short yielding more Screen On Time (SOT) than LTS kernels without EAS. The kernel is always compiled with Latest GCC compiler by Arter97



- Make sure you have a custom recovery like Orangefox
- Download the kernel zip from downloads section
- Reboot to recovery
- Backup from current kernel (Boot Partition)
- Install the kernel zip file without wiping any partitions
- Reboot back to system
- Enjoy! :D

NOTE : Give the kernel atleast a 2-3 day usage cycle before complaining because EAS uses precision based on usage.


Click here and download the zip file available first.

XDA link (rarely updated, use telelgram channels for faster updates): Click Here

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